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About The Screeening

Come join others at this screening in New Jersey.
Hear what one reviewer said about the film. "Incarcerating US is the most comprehensive film to date describing key factors responsible for the creation and maintenance of our excessive incarceration appetite. This film should be required viewing for every public policy maker and member of our criminal justice community. It could be the beginning to the end of this nation's most disastrous public policy system since slavery."
Neill Franklin, Executive Director, Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP)

About The Film

Incarcerating US is a feature-length documentary that exposes America’s prison problem and explores ways to unshackle the Land of the Free through vital criminal justice reforms. With 2.3 million people behind bars, the U.S. has the largest prison population in the history of the world.

Through dramatic first-hand accounts, expert testimony, and shocking statistics, Incarcerating US asks fundamental questions about the prison system in America: What is the purpose of prison? Why did our prison population explode in the 1970s? What can make our justice system more just?

The film begins with a brief overview of U.S. prisons and the flawed policies that fueled unprecedented overincarceration. In many cases, these laws exacerbate problems they were designed to solve. Through both empirical evidence and the eyes of those tragically affected by the system for committing minor crimes, we see the failures of two major initiatives: the War on Drugs and mandatory minimum sentences.

Incarcerating US tells the story of America’s broken criminal justice system through the eyes of those who created it, those who have suffered through it, and those who are fighting to change it. After decades of failures, now is the time to unshackle the Land of the Free.